Vertical jump program

Vertical jump program

Athletes have different needs when it comes to training. They often fall into different categories based on the way that they take off from the floor.

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I will show you exactly where I learned the best vertical jump workout routine. By the way, that is Nate Robinson in the photo if you were wondering.

He is a pro player with one of the highest jump in the NBA. I created this blog because I wanted to share my success by letting other people know that it is possible for un-gifted people like me to jump high and dunk. If you have any questions as you read this page please leave a comment at the end. I wanted to start out by dispelling a few myths I hear over and over again. Myth 1 — You need to do s of reps of jumping exercises in order to see gains.

This is absolutely not true. In fact, you will likely end up overtraining your body if you do s of reps of exercises. There are several programs on the market that force you to do so many reps that your body actually begins to wear out. Myth 2 — More training is always better than less training. This is another common myth that I see quite a bit. Many people believe that if they spend more time in the gym they will be guaranteed to see better results.

Similar to myth 1, if you spend too much time working out you will actually end up over training and possibly injuring yourself.

The optimal schedule to follow for best results is a max of 3 days per week with a day of rest in between each workout. This may not seem like much, but you will be amazed by the results you get from following this schedule. This is another common misconception. Doing a full on training program while your season is underway is not a good idea.

If you are playing scrimmages and competitive games every week in addition to going to practice, you are going to severely overtrain yourself. You will be much more likely to get injured if you try to do jump training during the season.

vertical jump program

You should also save your primary training for the off season. If anything, you should focus on endurance and light plyometric workouts during the season. There are several reasons for this. Genetics — Some people develop muscle and strength more quickly than others. Some people are also able to keep a low body fat percentage without much effort. Anyone can see awesome gains with the correct training.The vertical jump is an important athletic skill for basketball players.

It's essential not only for dunking the ball, but to become a better rebounder, shot blocker and shooter. Being able to jump higher and faster can give you an edge over your opponents. You have a number of free vertical jump programs to choose from. This program utilizes plyometrics. Plyometric exercises are designed to link strength with speed to produce power. Another program is VerticalJumping.

Planet Hoops has a free list of drills to help improve your vertical jump. BallersforLife has a free list of exercises which it claims can add 10 inches to your jump in eight weeks.

Free vertical jump programs need to be assessed critically. Many free programs claim that they can improve your vertical jump within days or even minutes. Although some of the programs use plyometrics, no research backs up claims that it can increase vertical jumps. These free programs may offer testimonials from users and even celebrity endorsements, but they don't have any scientific backing.

There are many similar costly programs, but they also lack scientific evidence. All of these programs include warnings about doing too many of these exercises too fast. Over-training can lead to injuries, such as pulled muscles, torn ligaments, muscle strain, or possibly, broken bones.

Some programs even recommend that they should be done under the supervision of a coach or trainer. Before starting any program you should check with your doctor to see if it's right for you.

How high you can jump largely comes down to genetics. If you have the "jump gene," you will have a higher vertical leap. It claims that adding three inches to your vertical jump is possible in two to three months.

You can increase flexibility, build strength, and even visualize hanging from the rim of the basketball hoop, but not even Michael Jordan had a inch vertical jump. Fitness Workouts Lower Body Exercises. Jayne Yenko. Jayne Yenko started writing professionally in She holds a Master of Arts degree in education with an emphasis in home economics from the University of Iowa. Your vertical jump matters in the paint. Vertical Jumping.

Share this article.The vertical jump is an important athletic skill for basketball players, but not simply so that you gain the ability to dunk. Improving your vertical jump might afford you the ability to dunk but it can also help you become a better rebounder, better shot blocker, better shooter and a better athlete in general. This vertical jump training program is also an effective way to help reduce knee and ankle injuries.

The explosiveness gained by utilizing this jump program can be invaluable. Let me offer some quick explanations concerning the above points. When you improve your vertical jump, you are also improving your explosiveness. This means that you will be able to jump higher, get off the floor more quickly and reach your highest point faster. This quite obviously relates to rebounding ability because not only will jumping higher give you an edge over your opponent, but being more explosive to the ball will help you get to it quicker than your opponent.

The same theory holds true for shot blocking. Being able to jump higher helps you block shots, but jumping quicker helps your timing and ability to get up to block a shot.

Improved vertical jump and explosiveness can also aid in shooting. This vertical jump training program can also help in the reduction of knee and ankle injuries. It is certain that plyometrics can be difficult and possibly dangerous, however, with good technique and form the danger is minimal. More about the dangers and technique is discussed in the program file.

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Many of the exercises are specific to increasing vertical jump and explosiveness and some of them are geared more to improving balance, one-leg strength, ankle strength and knee strength. Let me also mention that if you are thinking you will increase your vertical jump by 10 inches in 2 weeks, you are mistaken. A realistic improvement is adding about 3 inches to your vertical in months. It partly depends on your effort, but also on your genetics.

Not even Jordan had that! This vertical jump training program is available to you in. It is entirely free to you, a valued HoopsU. Vertical Jump Workout Program! There are a lot of variables such as work ethic, overall athleticism, etc. I normally see anywhere from 2 to 8.

Hard to guess though as everyone is different. If this is in addition to a good strength training program, results are usually better as well.

By effort I just mean how hard you work at it. Going through the motions or not pushing yourself would be minimal effort. Doing the exercises properly and to the best of your ability is solid effort.Everybody wants to be like Mike. And, jump out of the gym. The secret to jumping higher is a lot simpler than we think.

Vertical Jump Program Roundup 2019 – Comparison Of The 5 Best Vertical Jump Programs

The problem is figuring out how to do it. Like many things, there are more than one way to increase your vertical leap. But understanding the factors the determine how high one jumps and what it takes to get there are another story.

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If dunking or making spectacular in-game dunks is what you want to be able to do, here are my picks for the top vertical jump training systems available today. The chart summarizes the features of each of the programs. This is a comprehensive program that goes through all the things you need to do to jump higher. What I like about it is it starts out with the science of things and explains the different factors that affect how high you jump.

It then follows this up with what are the most important things to focus on to actually get improvements. For me, as an athlete, I particularly like that he placed these sections in the beginning so we read it. It will be worth your time to read the first sections thoroughly. It made my training more effective knowing that eating right and staying away from the gym is just as important as the work you put in the gym. When it comes to the workouts, the Jump Manual uses a combination of lifting weights, jump training and other agility development skills.

All of which let you gain inches on your leaping ability. To learn more about the Jump Manual, see our review here. While my preference is the the Jump Manual, there are some things that may make you want to choose something. If these constraints apply to you. Fear not, I have a backup solution that will still let you increase your jump. This one lasts only 8 weeks long and does not require the use of lifting weights.

Instead it uses plyometrics, which is something the NBA players and other pros use too. Users report seeing between 9 to 15 inches of increase in their vertical. This is assuming that you follow the program, eat properly and get enough rest so your muscles recover. They combined their years of basketball experience to build the system.

For an in-depth review, click here. When choosing the right type of training for increasing your vertical you want to consider a few things.Our dedicated team is continuously on the search for the very best vertical jump programs currently available.

In we were introduced to a number of great new jump programs created by some of the world's best jump trainers. The creators of Vert Shock have released this generous package at this reduced price for a limited time only. Hit the blue button below to see the full list of helpful bonus gifts. Choosing a pre-packaged vertical jump training program offers athletes an efficient, safe and effective method for learning how to jump higher.

Best yet, participants who strictly follow the set protocols of these leading programs often achieve significant improvements in vertical jump height, in a relatively short period of tim e. Over the past year w e have purchased, tried and tested some of the best vertical jump training programs that we have ever encountered in all of our years of jump program reviewing.

Take a look at our comparisons and in-depth reviews of the top jump programs of the year below. We hope our in-depth analysis makes it simple for you to choose the right vertical jump program for your specific needs and goals.

We have comprehensively reviewed, rated and provided a comparison of the most popular jump programs to make it easier for you to find the perfect jump program for your specific needs, goals and sport.

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However, we understand that some of you are short on time Below you will find a summary of the main features and benefits of each of this years top 5 jump programs. We have also provided links to our full program reviews so you can learn more about any program that interests you.

After reading this page, If you still cant decide on which program is best for you make sure that you come back and take our quick quiz. This simple 13 question quiz was designed to help you find the perfect vertical jump program for your specific needs, goals, body-type, sport and training preferences. Some even offer full money back guarantees if you don't achieve the jump gains they promise.

Pre-packaged jump programs offer a proven low-risk opportunity for athletes to learn how to jump higher direct from the experts. All you have to do is bring consistent effort, determination and dedication.

The Four Best Vertical Jump Training Programs of 2020

These jump programs are developed as a step-by-step, foolproof way to improve your jumping ability. But remember, they simply show and tell you exactly what need's to be done in order to improve your max vertical jump height. You still have to do the hard work and commit to the exercises consistently if you really want to jump higher.

Check out some of the vertical jump success stories from people who participated in proven jump training protocols:. The creators of Vert Shock current rank 2 have created a page featuring some of their customers testimonials. There are some very inspirational vertical jump success stories and videos to read and watch.

The creator of The Jump Manual current rank 1 has collated some his customers most noteworthy testimonials from over the past decade. As you will see there are some very impressive results.Luckily, we have the internet nowadays where people like me, who went through a shit-ton of programscan share their views and experience and help you make the right decision. So when I set out on a quest to increase my vertical, I looked for a program that would give me maximum results in the least amount of time.

Some of them worked more, some less, but most of them were total BS and a complete waste of my time and money! After trying a lot of programs on the market, I can confidently tell you that most of the stuff out there falls within the range of garbage to mediocre. However, sorting through all of the trash, a few good programs have emerged, and thankfully, I was lucky enough to find them.

So without further ado, here are the top 2 vertical jump programs that so far gave me the best results…. Vert Shock is a relatively new program, it was launched in with a big buzz, and from the moment it entered the scene, it spread like wildfire. Jump Manual has a unique multi-faceted approach that squeezes every bit of ounce from the training to maximize your results and help you reach your full explosive potential.

The author, coach Jacob Hiller, also kept evolving the program and perfecting it over time by following new scientific studies and ongoing research to further improve his system and concentrate on the stuff that is most crucial when it comes to increasing your vertical jump.

So there you have it guys, these are my top 2 picks for the average dude who seeks to improve his vertical and add some explosion to his game. These two programs were both tested and proven to work for me and my teammates, and I can confidently say that these are the best in the game right now. Hey Jesse. I was wondering if any of these would work for me and if so which one.

I can touch the net on a ten foot rim and I hope I can grab it after these programs. Please help me achieve my goal!!! I was researching both of these and I wanted to know if these would be effective on 12 year old boys also?

Yes, it would still work even at your age. Hello Jesse i want to be able to dunk i been doing the Jump Manuel for 3 weeks now and I have to admit I am jumping higher. My goal is to be able to do dunk. How long did it take to get that dunk? Was it within your first 12 weeks of the program or some time after it?

Also how many times have you done the program. Have a blessed day! Most of my gains were in the first 3 months and after that I just kept doing the program I took the personal coaching package with Jacob but with some tweaks and different settings which allowed me to gain another inches and get to my 40 inch goal.

I was able to dunk after about 2 months of training with the program. Hey Jesse, I have a question, between Jump Manual and Vert Shock which one would you recommend for a faster result in the shortest time?

Hi, i am 24 and for the past month and a half I have been doing a certain routine to improve my vertical jump, so far I have increased my vertical jump by about three inches. The routine is squats, calve raises, and hamstring and quadriceps extensions. The squats are one to two warmup sets and then three heavy sets of five reps each. The extensions and calve raisers are three to four sets of at least twelve reps. If anyone plans on doing this I would also recommend someone to spot you on the squats.

Anyways I was wondering if higher reps and less weight on the squats would be better for increasing my jump faster. Oh and I am doing this training for basketball by the way.

I will definitely start doing the lunges box jumps and power cleans though. For the vertshock other than the initial cost, is there any other things you need to buy to do the exercises? Is it better for me to use vertshock or jumpmanual? Hi jesse, just a couple question oh which program would suite me more. Im 21 in the middle of my basketball season looking to increase my vert and some extra training which one would work better with out over exhausting my body before games.

Plus, 21 is still very young, if I was 21 I would have no problem withstanding the fast paced training and all the high impact exercises it has. Hey Jesse, I have a lot of questions… I am thinking about starting one of those programs right after summer is over and my school starts again.Photo courtesy of Dirk Hansen. A good vertical jump is a valuable asset for all of your players to possess.

It will help your team get more rebounds, blocks, and steals.

vertical jump program

Not a very creative name, is it? I designed this program to be completely equipment free and also without the need for a large space. This program can be completed by anyone as long as you have a 2 x 2 meters of free space. Which we all do. So there can be no excuses for not completing the program. Disclaimer: Obviously, I am not a doctor. If you or your players feel any pain in any of your joints during the program stop immediately and consult a doctor.

vertical jump program

Find a wall or pole tall enough that when you jump you cannot touch the top. Stand next to the pole or wall and extend your arm as high as you can above your head. This is your standing reach. Now from a standing start, jump and touch as high up the wall or pole as you possibly can. Get your friend to climb the ladder and mark where you were able to reach on the wall. Measure the distance between your standing reach and your jumping reach.

This is your current vertical jump. The program is broken up into three different phases consisting of four weeks each. This is because as you continue through the program your muscles will adapt to the intensity of the workout, therefore we need to keep increasing the workload in order to continue increasing your vertical jump. Perform the routine every second day to give your body a days rest in-between workouts.

That ends up being 11 workouts per phase for a total of 33 workouts in the program. Also, during this program you will be taking one week off between each phase to let your body completely recover.

FREE 2-Week Home Jump Program - Day 1

You need to give your muscles time to fully repair in order to grow stronger and more explosive. We know how hard it is for players to be patient! If you have any trouble understanding my descriptions of the exercises, YouTube them to watch a video of the exercise being performed. Jumping Rope — A skipping rope is the only piece of equipment involved in the program.

Jumping rope involves holding a rope with both hands and swinging it around your body continuously. To complete 4-corners you hop around the square in a clockwise direction landing on each dot for the required number of repetitions. Single-Leg 4-Corners — Exactly the same as 4-Corners except performed on one leg. Slow-Motion Squats — Involves standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold for 2 seconds before slowly rising back to the starting position.

The descent and rise should each take 4 seconds to complete. Throughout the entire exercise make sure to keep your head up and your back straight.

Tuck Jumps — Tuck jumps involve descending into a comfortable squat and then jumping as high as possible and bringing your knees to your chest.

High-Reach Jumps — Are similar to tuck jumps, but instead of brining your knees to your chest, you just reach as high as you can. This is done best under a basketball ring or near a wall so that you can tell how much lower your reach becomes as you fatigue. Try to reach the same height through all repetitions.